Ken Rodriguez

Ken Rodriguez

Welcome to my online portfolio!  

I've maintained the status of amateur aerial photographer for as long as possible, but people have been beating down my door asking for a way to get prints, canvases, and framed prints.  I've never really willingly done this for money; it's been a passionate hobby more than anything.  

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

All aerial photography on the site has been shot with a DJI Inspire 1 Pro, which sports a 16-Megapixel Micro-Four-Thirds sensor.  That basically means that you can print up to 16x20 in excellent quality (300 ppi), 20x30 in good quality (200 ppi), and 24x36 in "okay" quality (150 ppi).  

For reference an iPhone retina display is 300 ppi; however, you hold an iPhone at arms length, and it is not terribly realistic to think that you'll be viewing a 24x36 wall print at 16" from your nose.  If you stand 3' feet or more from a 150 ppi print, it'll look fine.  Long story short, your 24x36" prints will look fine as long as you don't stand close enough to sniff them.

99% of the pictures are shot in lossless DNG Raw for highest detail/color depth and edited for composition, color correction and style.  

Most of these locations I've shot on my own accord, just because I wanted to have it in my personal portfolio.  If there is a landmark, venue, or location in Columbus that you'd like to see please contact me ( or on Facebook and I'd be happy to schedule something.